MACH LoneStar's Chasing The Wind
EJC, OCC, WV-O, HP-O, TG-O, TN-O, PG1, PJ3, PD3, PS3
BISS Am Ch Royal Hills Silver Lining
Rainier's Dark Secret Of Aslan (pts)
PT                            Hearding Pre Trial Test - AKC
HSA(S)                     Hearding Started "A" Course (Sheep) - AKC
HTAD-1                   Hearding Trial Arena Dog (Sheep) Novice - AHBA
MX                          Master Standard Agility - AKC
MXJ                        Master Jumps w/ Weaves - AKC
XF                           Excellent F.A.S.T. - AKC
RS-E                        Elite Regular Standard - ASCA
JS-E                        Elite Jumpers Standard - ASCA
GS-N                      Novice Gamblers Started - ASCA
OAC                       Open Agility Certificate - NADAC
OJC                       Open Jumpers Certificate - NADAC
WV-O                    Open Weavers - NADAC   
OCC                      Open Chances - NADAC
TN-N                     Novice Tunnlers - NADAC
TG-N                     Novice Touch n Go - NADAC
HP-N                     Novice Hoopers - NADAC
AWARD                 Novice Versatility Award - NADAC
PG1                       Performance 1 Gamblers - USDAA
PS2                       Performance Standard II - USDAA
PJ2                       Performance Jumpers II - USDAA
PD2                      Performance Dog II - USDAA
LoneStar's Peace Keeper CD
Keeper is owned by Mary Wright of Waco, TX. Mary has
worked VERY hard with Keeper and has earned his CD
(Companion Dog) title within 3 shows! We are also VERY
proud of these guys! Keeper is a litter mate to my son's dog
"Actor" LoneStar's Caught In The Act. Mary and Keeper
are working towards more titles to come!